Outdoor Tourism Development & Promotion

Our Goals

All our actions are based on three core principles:

No1 Destination

Promote Albania and our Balkan neighbors as a destination for sustainable adventure travel.

Visitor Satisfaction

Delight visitors with accessible, safe, and meaningful travel experiences in our destination.

Benefits for All

Create positive effects for the environment, society, local communities and visitors alike.

The Values of Outdoor Tourism

Adventure Travel cherishes natural and cultural heritage, provides recreational opportunities and economic development in rural areas.

Natural Heritage

Nature-based tourism creates awareness and interest in our natural heritages. It promotes sustainable practices and the protection of these environments.

Cultural Heritage

Responsible tourism cherishes local culture, highlights traditions and sights, fosters exchange and a greater understanding of these values.

Health & Recreation

Hiking and biking are easy, joyful and healthy recreational activities suitable for all ages. They provide stress relief and are an antidote to fast-paced urban life.


Through income opportunities for small, family-run businesses tourism improves livelihoods in rural areas. It creates a sense of pride and local ownership.

How We Work

We create synergies between the local population, private businesses and public authorities.

1. Concept

Let's talk about your ideas, budget, goals and how those can achieved n a given time span.

2. Research

We identify existing paths, study and link the natural and cultural values of your destination.

3. Planing

Based on existing paths & touristic infrastructure, we design a network of trails that meets your criteria.

4. Implement

We clear and repair, mark and signpost routes according to national and international standards.

5. Promotion

We market your trail to a targeted audience through leaflets, fairs, a website, apps and other means.

6. Management

We draft a detailed management plan for the sustainability of your trail network over the years.

Our Projects

Learn more about the trails we created and our activities:


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Sustainable tourism on national TV

Sustainable tourism on national TV

Trails of Albania is tasked with the overhaul of the High Scardus Trail in Albania.

Experience Southern Highlands

Experience Southern Highlands

Trails of Albania is tasked with the overhaul of the High Scardus Trail in Albania.

High Scardus Trail Update

High Scardus Trail Update

Trails of Albania is tasked with the overhaul of the High Scardus Trail in Albania.