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Training Local Guides to Lead Tours on the High Scardus Trail


The continuing development of the High Scardus Trail raises the need for local experts that will safely and successfully guide hikers through the Dibra Region.

With prospect of guiding  future tours on the trail, seven local hiking enthusiasts and amateur guides of Dibra were selected to partake in a three-day training in June 2020. 

The training was organized on behalf of Zbulo! Discover Albania and implemented by two of their guides. Between sharing experiences, important theoretical guidelines and active role-play on hikes around Rabdisht, it was a unique learning opportunity for all parties involved. 

We’re happy to have seven local experts join our team of guides and can’t wait to see them in their element! ⛰️


💡 Knowledge
✔️ Introduction to active & slow travel  
✔️ Familiarization with the High Scardus Trail
✔️ Completing the image of a pro mountain guide
✔️ Planing & Risk assessment on a tour
✔️ Cooperation with the  guesthouses & other suppliers
✔️ Gear & Gadgets
✔️ A 20-page handbook for local guides
🧪 Skills
✔️ Role-play guide and group on walks around Rabdisht
✔️ Reacting to improvised emergency scenarios
➕ Also
✔️  Introduction to first aid
✔️ Visit to Agrotourism Zerja 


  • Seven amateur mountain guides of Dibra with little to no previous experience 🤓
  • Dibra & The High Scardus Trail 💚


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