Trail Marking Workshop

Latest Standards for the High Scardus Trail

In the summer of 2020 Trails of Albania assessed the High Scardus Trail in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, made recommendations on 

High Scardus Trail: Ready for new slow food adventures! 🍽️🤤


💡 Knowledge
✔️ creation of 30 page handbook on best practices
✔️ online quiz assessment of the participants
✔️ update on the new protected areas standards
✔️ integration of the new standard in existing trails
✔️ design and environmental considerations
🧪 Skills
✔️ familiarization with materials and tools
✔️ field exercise: different environments & surfaces
✔️ mentoring local guides and team work in the field
✔️ trail clearing, repairs and erosion prevention
✔️ procurement of gear, tools and materials ⚙️
✔️ environmental aspect and sustainability 🌼
✔️ community awareness raising & inclusions 🧑‍🤝‍🧑


  • 10 national guides of Albania
  • Local guides that participate in the field work
  • High Scardus Trail where the marking takes place


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