Gastronomy & Hospitality Workshop I

For High Scardus Trail Hosts in Diber and Kukes


Thanks to Sokol Prenga from Qendra për Edukim Kulinar and Guest House Sabriu for hosting the event, the 14 interested participants who joined and last but not least GIZ North Macedonia for making the event possible.

High Scardus Trail: Ready for new slow food adventures! 🍽️🤤


👨‍🍳 Gastronomy
✔️ food safety, storage, dietary preferences & allergies
✔️ meal composition based on nutrients and cost
✔️ the taste of the foreign adventure traveler

✔️ added 25 new dishes using local ingredients

🛎️ Hospitality
✔️ COVID-19 safety measures
✔️ foreign guests, their needs and expectations
✔️ my role in the High Scardus Trail project
✔️ introduction to digital marketing


  • 14 hosts of the High Scardus Trail in Albania
  • Homestays, guesthouses, pensions and huts
  • Kukes: Shishtavec, Fshat, Caje
  • Diber: Radomire, Grame, Rabdisht, Hinoske


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